Kansas Dry Stripping

Kansas Dry Stripping Inc.

  6017 South Oliver     Wichita, Kansas  67037    316-788-8923

What we do

In 1992, after becoming a trained and certified media blaster, the doors of Kansas Dry Stripping were officially opened and  we began providing this much needed, but not readily available service, just outside Wichita in Derby, Kansas.

Kansas Dry Stripping has grown from that one man operation, depainting hot rods and classic cars a few at a time, to a business with twenty employees, operating two shifts depainting aircraft parts for major aircraft companies such as Boeing, Cessna, and their parts manufactures.

Lightweight media blasting is less harmful to metal and composite materials. It has become, therefore, very popular with both the aircraft industry and the automotive repair and restoration business because they can salvage more original parts which saves money on each project!

We  at  Kansas Dry Stripping have earned a reputation in both those industries as being "the best in the business". It is a reputation built on hard work, attention to detail, quality workmanship, customer satisfaction, and an excellent track for meeting scheduled deadlines.

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